The Garage Stockholm is on a mission where totally unexpected outcomes will be discovered—and just to add to the thrill of it all, their quest has to be completed in 48 hours! Headquartered in a building that was once a former boiler room, The Garage Stockholm was founded by Patrik Hällbom and Fredrik Nielsen who revived the space in 2015. They kept the unique 1950s roughness, but they gave it a whole new attitude by establishing it as a site for artists’ studios and events dedicated to glass.

Glass is attractive, mesmerizing and most importantly it’s socially competent and this confidence provides the underlying force in The Garage Stockholm’s new exhibition series 48 hrs. For two days, the process of creation will take centre stage and invited makers are free to form their ideas as they wish. Utilizing the spectacle of glass, The Garage Stockholm has moved beyond the confines of the gallery space to provide artists with the opportunity to improvise or build upon a collection of works. At the same time, visitors are welcome to experience a work’s evolvement which is an opportunity for inclusion not found in the strictness of a gallery.

The first 48 Hrs event will begin with guest artist Nina Westman whose practice interweaves the theatrical with the blowing of glass. Westman will take centre stage at The Garage Stockholm on Friday evening May 5th at 6 p.m. The program will continue through the weekend and conclude on Sunday May 7th at 6 p.m.

While 48 hours measures how long one can experience these happenings, it by no means is an indicator that things come to a stand-still when the timer runs out. In fact, a continuum occurs through community participation, shared discourse and the chance for a guest artist to return for another mission. Challenging glass art into the unexpected is not accomplished alone, but it is an extreme action that only a few are brave enough to endure and The Garage Stockholm is leading the way.

The Garage Stockholm rents out studio time and offers group courses and events. For more information contact Fredrik Nielsen:

Anne Klontz – Independent curator

Svärdlångsvägen 36
(på baksidan huset där Älta Golv ligger)
(Pendeltåg/Tvärbana: Årstaberg)
120 60 Årsta
Tel: O7O8420971

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